Monday, February 28, 2005

Degree number 194-195

     194) There is no other source from which your good comes other than from the one that you have spoken from or thought into. This source is made up of what you are thinking and how you are choosing to live your life from moment to moment. It is from here that every demonstration comes from. There are no hidden places from which you can hide. You accept your responsibility for bringing forth into manifestation all that you have spoken into the source about. You bring this forth because your are one with the essence of both the beginning and the fruition of thought into form. You need to remind yourself of this dynamic because years of patterned thinking have clouded the way for you in many ways. Because it is your acceptance of these clouds to the way, it is also your denial of them that clears the way. You can now accept for yourself every good thing. You are no longer waiting for any mysterious force to come and hand this to you on a silver platter. You recognize that this mysterious force does indeed reside with your sense of being and that from the certainty you have established there you can readily call your good to you in any moment that you choose. You have held yourself back by asking the mystery, or the sun, moon and stars, or the creator or any non specific understandable entity to bring forth the thoughts of your heart and mind. You have obscured them with your resident mumbo jumbo. Now you no longer have to focus your energy in this way. You have sought for your quest the golden scepter of self knowledge. Each time you came close you would give up this scepter to the unknown thinking that everything was taken care of when in fact you could have been riding your vision through into manifestation.
This isn't even a matter of whether you can do this but that you are this. Simply put the way this works is that you think about your good and fill these thoughts with emotions of having this good. Then you direct your consciousness to bring you this good so that you may partake of it in the moment endlessly.
     What you do to partake of your good as you bring it to the front and center is to affirm it. You review your good to infuse it with extra energy and the life giving substance of attention. You recognize that the connections You are making with your attention are drawing forth your good and covering it with the substance of your thinking. Soon you can begin to see your good populated with life all around you. This life comes in the form of people who are now in the part of your good and they respond to you with familiarity because your good has also lifted them up inside of their very own purpose.
     You do not ask for your good to appear and you do not pray for it to come to you, at least in the usual sense of prayer which is a beseechment of a higher power. This prayer has changed from a beseechment to a definite calling for your good as you would call home children who were playing before dinner. You would call your good as you would call your most trusted friend over to share with them all of your deepest secrets. You would tell your good to appear in the same manner as you would request service at the finest restaurant. You would order your good expecting it to return to you when it was done cooking in the kitchen and be totally satisfied as it is being served to you. You pay for your good by your grateful acceptance and most importantly your acknowledgement that what you have tasted and enjoyed is the unity of manifestation with the ideas of initiation.
     The only way to insure a uniformity between the good you are seeing and the good you are receiving is to be an active part of this process. The influence you maintain directly affects the results youexperience.
     195) There are two components of watching your good appear.
     One is your loving attention to your good. Every time you bring the images of your good before your consciousness in the moment assume the attitude of love. This combines your acceptance with your gratitude for the thoughts you putting your attention to. You are grateful because you realize that wonderful vision you have created from your imagination. The quality of love ensues due to the attention you are showing these thoughts much in the same way a beloved child is loved as they grow into maturity.
     Two is your expectation of seeing your good as it turns into the reality of you life. There is the expectation of its arrival and the joy in its appearance into form. This expectation and its accompanying joy lift your good up so that it may be seen by you and not just remain an idea.

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