Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Transformation of thought

Transform your thoughts by thinking different ones. This transformation is the process whereby all of our preconceptions go out the door. Through this door also goes our second guessing. What you are doing now is making yourself into a whirling energy source where the accretions of time and space settle in to make the new you.
I am that which I am thinking.
I am the perfection of this moment.
I see more now than ever before.
Not only is my vision improving but my responses to the movement of thought are getting more refined. These refinements allow me to make those changes necessary in order to make these moments turn into that which I am seeking.
I bring it here.
I bring it now into focus.
Starting with the highest thoughts, use these as an indicator to seed all of the lower forms. These forms then in turn take on the characteristics of the higher thought. Use this filtering process to lift yourself up by your own bootstraps. This becomes very exciting because it happens in the moment that you are thinking about it. It matters very much where you are placing your attention. Are you living with the status quo being buffeted about by inertia or are you focusing on making it happen for a better world for you?
Enter into the state of omnipresence. Experience your good intimately. Focus on yes I am one with my good. Anything which isn't a part of my good will fade away. My good must come to the forefront of my life. My good is most high. Raise up your thoughts to that which is above. Continually do so now in this awareness of being who your are. Let your good pull you out of your current situation and into the world of its own making. Be restless in your desire to travel there. Become excited and expectant like a child. Tell yourself that you are ready to go right now. Think of how great you are going to feel as you manifest your good. Sample that great feeling now. Let it permeate your soul. Be one with it.
You are the one who makes everything happen. When you keep filling yourself with the thoughts of making it then the only thing that can happen is that you are making it. In the past you've had experiences of making it yet at times could not seem to get it going again. There are only a couple of reasons for this. You stopped short of your goal or did not believe in your goal to think about it long and with an unbending concentration.
     If we can compare thoughts to waters in a lake or waves in an ocean then the movement of thought produces corresponding movements in the ocean or lake of thought. These movements are continuous and act to produce the forms of our world in which we live. The higher thoughts transform the lower thoughts which erase the status quo and bring about all of the changes needed for turning around your entire life. The unexpected fortuitous action enters into your life. You then are on a roll which is continued by the profusion of producing thoughts which show themselves on high. These are your affirmations of your good. They are your identification with that which you want to have showing in your life. You demonstrate your good by going for your good everytime in each hour and remembering in those moments when you could have been thinking of something else.


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