Monday, May 09, 2005

Turn to your good.

Your good is here. Specifically change your focus so that you are able to dismiss what seems to be for what really is. These outward shells of appearance may become transparent to your good. When this happens your good can appear all around you whereas before you couldn't see anything of it. In every moment you have the choice to affirm your good and to insist upon its presence in your life. You have to assume for yourself the responsibility of always seeking and finding your good. If you look around and do not see your good, then your focus is off and you have to remind yourself to turn towards your good. This turning towards your good is the most important move that you will ever make. In your turning you will learn that what is most important is your good and not any side issues that may come up. These side issues are the distractions such as fear, frustration, anger, etc., that actually pull you away from your focus. When you are lead by your good you will be able to return to this focus more easily each time you practice turning towards your good.


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