Friday, April 15, 2005

Feel my good

My good is here. No circumstances or appearances can prevent its arrival into my life. My good is planning on a permanent stay. It therefore builds itself around me. Feel my good in the form of angels and great spirits constantly coming and leaving their gifts for me. I have only to reach within my awareness for them and they are here. It is this act of acceptance that seals my good forever by my side. I choose a direction and a location for my good and there it opens itself to me with abundance rejoicing. It is the energy of connection that I receive. This location from which I accept my good in immediately replenished. Since my good is infinite in both appearance and restoration I can go anywhere in the universe and receive an equally abundant amount of my good. I gather up my good by absorbing the abundance of its energy directly into my spiritual essence. This process happens naturally and easily. As I reach for and accept my good I am filled and then I am overflowing. In the process of overflowing I am increasing my ability to accept more good. This operation continues as I go here or there within to open myself up to my good.


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