Thursday, March 24, 2005

Defining the images of good.

Run with this. Go with it. Have it going on even as you are doing your regular work. Let the day make itself in the image of your sending it forth. It is going to happen and it is going to happen now.

When contemplating the nature of good we are drawn into the experience of good. You cannot focus on anything without it becoming a part of you. The nature of good is expansive, therefore to seek its essence is to seek expansion in all of your ways. This expansion moves you from the status quo to the place where you have envisioned yourself to be.

The thing is to go beyond everything that you've ever imagined to a place where you cannot have imagined anything. Then let this place become most familiar to you. In this way by necessity you will learn to build the world around you.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Always there with you

Your good is always there with you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Refining the process

Look forward with certainty. The way has already been paved with your good intentions. Be sure to find what you are looking for. In this way you achieve conscious awareness both at the beginning of the journey and at its conclusion. Take note that your thoughts represent a specific kind of energy. They are the result of your interpretation of the symbols of your existence. Your good represents a higher order of energy that is more complete and creative in nature. You can tell yourself that you want a car, money, good health, a wonderful relationship or world peace. Think of these thoughts as a part of an overall circuit of your good. Your thoughts come back to you. When they do you learn to accept them or to reject them based upon how you feel about them.
Example: Suppose you were feeling down for whatever reason and found that your attitude or the way you were thinking was very negative. You recognize this and try to promote a positive attitude and are successful in this. A few days or weeks or even months later you'll hear echoes of this negative thinking. Now is the time to say no to these thoughts and not to get inside of them and promote them. If you can follow your positive actions with saying no to negative reactions you will promote the positive energy of your thinking. What is important here is that you remember. You don't have to remember the exact words you used or even what brought forth this negative thinking. You only have to remember your feeling and respond to it by not reacting. Not reacting means to avoid making anything new from these negative feelings. Turn your head and your mind around to act instead on producing your good. Act to clear your feelings of this lingering negativity and then lift up your emotions and experience feelings of joy, fulfillment, happiness, satisfaction, etc. What you are striving for when you are promoting your good is to groove those thoughts that are about what you want to think about and to then move them with the positive emotions you have chosen to act upon. Simply put think well of yourself and your life plan. Act upon your life plan by generating those feelings you would feel were you to accomplish it in this moment. make your good in each moment and refine the process as you go along.

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